Trail family reunion time

Today I head out for a long weekend on the North Shore. It’s Fall Superior 100 time, and around mid-day my friend Mike B. and I start our journey. For Mike, this is his first 100 mile race attempt, and I have the honor of pacing him for his final 13 miles of the run. For me, it’s a long working weekend doing photography, social media, captaining an aid station, and working at another, as well as chauffeuring people around to where they need to be. Despite all of this, more than anything else, this weekend is trail family reunion time.

Certain events have become the markers of the start and end of the race season here in the Minnesota. In the spring it’s the Zumbro trail race, kicking off the year in style with unpredictable weather. In the fall it all wraps up with the Fall Superior races, capping off long months of summer training as people try to achieve new goals, or simply repeat past success. It’s some of the times where we all leave behind the craziness of life, and come back together as a trail family for one big hurrah.

Fall Superior is also the kick-off to the autumn race season, which is a wonderful time of crisp air, falling leaves, and anticipation of finishing another year of great running fun. It’s a time where we gather, reminisce on what we’ve done, and look forward. We come together as a people of shared purpose, with a love of the outdoors. We do hard things because we love it, but we love being together in community even more. We’re a tribe of crazy people and no matter our differences, this is a time for us to be a people of the trail.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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