Need to read more

When I was younger, I was an avid reader (and writer). I read through many different book series, including the 10 books of the Belgariad and the Mallorean. I’ve read all the Potter books, the Tolkien library (including the Silmarillion), and tons of Star Trek and Star Wars novels. I’ve done a fair share of non-fiction as well, and often would pick up interesting pieces on various theological topics, when I was more in to those areas.

However, in the past 5-8 years I’ve stopped reading like I used to. I work through a book every now and then, but in general my reading is reduced to shorter articles online. Many of which are quite good, and I enjoy, but I’m starting to feel like maybe I’m missing out a bit. There are tons of books that I know I want to tackle, and my Kindle queue has a lot to choose from. However, I often find myself doing other things when I could be taking the time to read.

One of those things is a silly little clicky game that I’ve been playing for a good year or so. I’ve spent tons of idle hours playing it. I’ve enjoyed my time, but it certainly doesn’t add any value to my life. I’m thinking it might be time to delete that app. The funny thing is, when I was an avid Warcraft player I actually read a lot more because I would read the novels that went along with the game. I’ve read some pretty mediocre game tie-in literature, but hey, it was reading!

So, in the interest of setting some goals, I joined Goodreads. I believe this link will take you to my profile, and somewhere down the page is a spot to recommend books to me. I’m usually interested in sci-fi, fantasy, trail running, beer related, technology, interesting biographies… things like that. Or whatever, I’m open to seeing what people think I should read. I’ve set a modest goal of 5 books in 2018. Hopefully, I’ll blow the doors off that goal.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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