We need an “Ack” button

Recently, my friend Wes posted about why he doesn’t use “reaction buttons” such as, Like, Sad, Love, etc., on sites like Facebook. It’s a good read, and it does make you think, especially about how it’s become a natural part of how we work online. I read Wes’ post on his blog, and as a joke clicked the Like button and left a comment to be silly. However, a little while later it came up on my Facebook feed, and I instinctively clicked Like and moved on. About 30 seconds later I realized what I did.

However, in thinking about it, I started to realize that what I really want is an “Acknowledged” button. I want to click a button that does not imply any type of emotion to it at all, but simply acknowledges that I have viewed something. I just want to tell people “Hey, I saw what you posted,” without having to ascribe an emotional context to it.

Maybe I’m unique in this, but I guess I could ask people to click “Like” below if they agree… how ironic would that be.


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