Duluth Trading Company

Earlier this year a Duluth Trading Company store opened up in our town. I never paid it much attention, but I occasionally saw their billboards while driving around. They were humorous advertisements about how they’ve fixed plumbers crack, and that their clothing is durable and worthy of a rugged workman.

A couple of months ago my wife was looking for some pants, and on a whim we decided to check them out and see what they had to offer. She tried on a couple pair and instantly fell in love. They fit her better than most pants she’s ever worn, and the outdoorsman aesthetic really appealed to her style. Since then we’ve been back multiple times, and I recently decided to give some of their pants a try.

Since I need to be presentable for work, I decided to check out their ballroom khakis. These are softer (but still durable feeling) than their trademark firehose pants, and looks like regular business casual pants. I bought a couple pair and I can see immediately why my wife loves their pants so much. They fit wonderfully, are comfortable, and feel like they can withstand a fair amount of abuse. They even have an extra segment of material on the back of the hem, where you often wear through jeans from repeated rubbing.

I’ve also bought a few shirts from them and found them to be really comfortable and a style that works with my personality. I’m very excited that I found them and that I have found clothing that both my wife and I really enjoy wearing. If you’ve got a Duluth Trading Company near you I’d suggest checking them out (and no, they don’t sponsor my blog!).


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