I’ve never been a fan of macro-brews from the large scale breweries like Miller or Coors. I’ve always found the taste of corn in them to be unappealing, and they’re generally lacking in much depth of character or flavor. One night a week ago we were at a restaurant and I asked the server if they had any local craft brew. He said they had Michelob Golden Light. I looked at him with a weird look on my face, and he explained that it was a regional beer. I sat there with a befuddled expression on my face before craning my neck to look over at the bar. I spotted a Fulton tap and asked for that.

Interestingly enough I did some googling and discovered that Michelob Golden Light is actually only distributed in the upper midwest, so he had that part right, but it certainly isn’t a craft beer. After this experience, a few days later, I found myself at a small local casino, and instead of trying to overcome a lack of craft beer knowledge, I asked our server at the restaurant for a bottle of Michelob Ultra. I had no idea what I was going to get, but I figured what the heck, I might as well get another beer on Untappd.

I received the bottle, and took a taste. It wasn’t the worst beer I’ve had, but it certainly tasted of corn, and was all around mediocre. However (and this is the point I’m slowly getting to), it was brewed without flaws. As I drank the beer, in my head, I started thinking about how many truly bad craft beer’s I’ve had. In particular from local breweries that are just learning how to brew. There was one brewery in particular that should have closed their doors until they could figure out their issues.

So, despite all my bashing of macro-brews, and their overall mediocrity, the one thing I can say positively about them is that they are 100% consistent. They’re not my cup of tea, but I respect that they can produce the same results every time, for millions of gallons a year.


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