A home improvement day

It’s been a busy summer, and for what feels like the first time in months, I had a Sunday with nothing to do. No hard plans apart from some breakfast in the morning, and visiting with a friend tonight. I decided that it was about time I tackle some long overdue projects.

The first item is a display shelf for all of my various beer growlers. I grabbed a shelf setup I’m very familiar with at the hardware store and got to work. The difficulty with this shelf is the length (10 ft) and the height. I wanted it as close to the ceiling as possible to almost make it feel like a border on top of the wall. I picked up a new step ladder as well, that allowed me to reach up to 9 ft high, more than enough for our ceilings. There were studs in some odd places, but after fighting with the drill for a bit, I got the shelf up.

It came out like I wanted it to, however, there is one problem. It still wasn’t enough space for all of my growlers. At least this cleared out some shelf space on my brewing shelves in the basement, so for now the overflow will live down there. As I posted on Instagram: #craftbeerproblems.

IMG_1391.jpgThe next project I decided to tackle is some finishing of our basement bathroom. It’s been a finished bathroom for over a decade, but for some reason there were a few things that I just never got done Namely, the drawers on the vanity never had handle put on them. Weird I know, but I decided to correct that today. I also decided to put up a new toilet paper hanger, that was more out-of-the-way than the old one I had there.

Finally, the biggest project I needed to tackle was putting down a board under the door jam to actually finish the threshold into the room. It’s one of those things that I should have done years ago, but decided today was the day to get it done. I picked up a nice piece of door jamb wood, cut it to size, and put on a couple quick coats of stain and poly. After drying for a few hours it was ready to go on.

I didn’t want to drill holes in it, so I decided on using an all purpose adhesive to secure it to the floor. As I tried to move it into place I realized that it was just a bit too tight. Since I couldn’t find my hand planer I headed back to the miter saw to shave off just a few millimeters. I squeezed out some glue and tapped it all into place. It fits exactly like I wanted, which is amazing for my first time doing a piece like this. I’m super pleased with how it turned out, and it makes the downstairs bathroom look just a bit more inviting.

Little by little, taking care of all the small things that need to get done.



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