Trying catch up on DC Rebirth

As a DC comic fan, I’ve been enjoying the latest reboot called Rebirth. The story lines are fun, and I’m enjoying that the primary books that I follow are not currently caught up in some multi-verse crossover event (Green Lantern and Green Arrow titles). However, there is one story line thread that I’m missing out on because of this, the integration of the Watchmen universe.

It was hinted at the very beginning of the Rebirth cycle that Dr. Manhatten was going to play some type of part in the missing time that all of the heroes have been experiencing. I knew it would be a long time coming, so I didn’t bother to follow the main arcs where this is happening (Superman, Batman, and Flash). However, as it’s getting closer to coming to a conclusion I feel like I want to start catching up. That’s where this gets a bit complicated.

Thankfully, Comixology has collected works available, which bundle 6-7 different issues into one volume. There have always been collections in the past in print, but often they would come out months and months after the issues released, and were sometimes hard to find. Now, they seem to appear much quicker (being digital) and the pricing discount makes them worth picking up.

The main question I need to figure out now, is which of the various series I want to grab some collections from. Both Superman and Batman have multiple titles, and I’ve been hearing amazing things about Wonder Woman as well. I know that Flash ties into the main story as well, so that one will probably be added as well.

I’ve got a weekend of camping coming up, and catching up on these seems to be a great way to spend the time. Hanging out in the woods, drinking beer, and reading comic books. Not sure it can get much better than that.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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