They grow up too fast

This week my oldest biological son turns 18. It’s so weird and bizarre to think that I’m actually the parent of someone who is old enough to vote. Parenting is never very easy, but each age has it’s own set of challenges. Young children need constant care and attention to make sure they don’t die and that they’re growing healthy. As they turn into young people and teenagers, they start to develop their personalities and you get to help them learn for themselves what it means to be an adult.

Recently, I mentioned to someone that I felt like my relationship with my adult-child is much more important to me than my young child relationship. I’m going to be in relationship with my adult-child for a LOT longer than when they are a baby. That’s not to say young child relationships aren’t important, they are crucial for the development of our kids. But, those relationships are the groundwork for what comes later, a deep friendship that lasts a lifetime. As I watched my wife’s family bond and come together over a loss, I’m reminded just how important it is to have a mature parent-child relationship in our adult years.

For fun, I put a pic of my son and I at the top of this post. I almost never share pics of my kids on the blog, but this one was from a few years ago, and he looks nothing like this anymore, so I don’t feel too troubled by it. Happy Birthday buddy!


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