A rude awakening

It was 4:15am when I was startled awake by the sudden bright light filling my room. A thunderstorm was rolling through and it decided that I was done with deep sleep. The first flash was followed by a second quickly after, and then a third. Soon the flashes of light were fast and furious as the thunderhead barreled down on us.

It took a while before I heard the thunder that accompanied it, but soon it joined with the lightning to disturb slumber. I rolled over and tried to squeeze a few more precious minutes of rest. For the next 45 minutes I battled with the light show and the thunder and eventually the pelting of rain against the window. By 5am I gave up.

At least I love a good thunderstorm. Sitting in the quiet dark of the morning as it passed was peaceful and relaxing. Soon it grew quiet again and the clouds parted to let the sunrise through. It was time to start another day, albeit a bit earlier than I had planned.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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