No more moderates

My friend Wes recently posted a blog about being “in the middle” in regards to the political spectrum, and how it was getting harder and harder to have a moderate voice in politics lately. Our system has become so ideologically charged, that any thought of moderatism seems to have evaporated. I say this as someone who spent much of my life as a moderate. I’ve voted across party lines in the past, and for many years considered myself part of “the middle”.

However, lately the extremes have taken over, and I feel that the only “side” that comes close to my ideology is the left. Therefore, I’ve ended up accepting the brand of a liberal; someone who believes in protecting those people and things who need to be protected, and understands the role that government can play in this protection. There was a time in the past when you could have a rational conversation about how to best protect the environment or social programs, and come to a compromise. Those days seem to be long past. Considering that we have a president who considers himself a master of the “art of the deal” we could have entered into a new era in moderatism, but alas extremism is the rule of the day.

I do have one shred of hope though. In the firing of James Comey we may see the first moderate act of this congress. Both sides may end up coming together to fight back against Trump’s meddling in the Russia investigation and ensure the appointment of an independent investigator. I would even love to see both sides come together and begin impeachment hearings, as a united legislative body (though I’m less hopeful for that).

And that is the state of things right now. Former moderates being forced to take a side, or have no voice. Power running wild, and compromise a relic of the past. Welcome to America 2017.


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