Bigger zoom or teleconverter

One of the things that our photo walk drove home to me yesterday, was how I really could use some bigger lenses for some of the wildlife photography that I’ve been trying to do from time to time. In particular, I’d love to get my hands on a nice 300-400mm lens, with a fixed f4. However, many of these are out of my price range, by thousands of dollars.

One thing I am considering is utilizing a 1.4x or 2.0x converter to see about getting more range from my current lenses. My biggest issue is that this would put my lowest f stop into the 6.0 range, which is pretty slow. So, I’m curious what the readers of this blog think? Have you tried using a teleconverter, and if so, how did it go? Were you severely limited in what types of conditions you can shoot in, or did it only become a minor annoyance?

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One thought on “Bigger zoom or teleconverter

  1. extenders are interesting, but you end up with some vignetting. An economical option would be to find an old reflex lens. You get a distinctive look, but the f-stop is usually a fixed 8 so it’s not good in low-light. You can find old t-mount lenses of this variety on ebay for well under $100, and then just get an adapter for whatever camera mount you have. I even set up my Nikon to recognize it as my non-cpu lens so the internal light meter works. It’s hit or miss, my neighbor has one of these which is amazing, my lens is very soft focus (though we just cleaned the snot out of it so we may have fixed that).

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