Liberals care about safety too

One of the biggest issues in our world today is how people communicate past each other. In one of the latest debacles of our current administration we witnessed a poorly vetted Executive Order limiting who can legally enter our country. This ban was met with immediate protests to shed light on how unfair this ruling was, and how it negatively impacted so many families who had full legal rights to enter the country. The conservative side of the fence has made a big deal about the fact that this change was made to protect our country, and that people need to stop protesting.

Let’s get one thing straight. Liberals are not against protecting our country. We want our families to be safe and secure, just like everyone else. However, that safety should never come at the expense of people who are different than us, and simply struggling to survive in a harsh world. I don’t need to go into details about why this order was poorly constructed, as it’s been torn to shreds dozens of times, but I do want to highlight one important point. Protecting our borders does not need to come at the expense of our values. We are a nation of immigrants, and just because we have achieved a place of power in the world should not mean that we shut our doors to the same poor and huddled masses that created that power.

There are ways to accomplish the same goals of the Executive Order, Obama proved that when he limited immigration during his term (yes conservatives, we’re fully aware of what Obama did). However, the devil is in the details, namely the balance between keeping America safe and being a compassionate force for good in the world (a.k.a. the Christian thing to do). So let’s stop accusing liberals of wanting to flood our streets with jihadists, and get back to having a dialog about how best to keep us safe. There are ways to be a beacon of hope to the world, and protect the lives we love.


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