Running with the spawn

My youngest son used to run more, and even did a few 5ks with me. However, as the teenage years set in, so did his distaste for anything that was outside and doesn’t involve a screen of some sort. However, he is taking a P.E. class that requires he do some running and tracking progress throughout the year. So tonight I dragged him out in 16 degree weather (and me recovering from being sick) to run the 1 mile loop around our neighborhood.

The fun part is that he seemed to mostly enjoy himself, and we got to spend time talking. He’s old enough, and watches enough current events on YouTube, that we even talked about the idiocy of Trump and politics of the nation. It wasn’t a long time out, but it was nice to hang out a bit and do something active together.

*The picture up top is the only one I could take of us outside since he hates selfies. 


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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