#Resist incompetency

Once again this weekend out current administration has demonstrated the reason why the head of state of our country needs to be a person experienced in politics and government. The travel ban that was imposed via executive order was not only questionable in terms of its expected effectiveness, but was a complete disaster from a legal and practical standpoint. The language was so vague that even members of Trumps staff couldn’t clearly articulate the details in an effective manner.

As I’ve stated in the past, having complete neophytes in charge of the government is a recipe for disaster. This has nothing to do with the policies that they’re choosing to put forward, but from a practical standpoint, they simply don’t know how to work within the international political system. Many people have come forward to state that Trump was simply trying to put in place a more robust system of vetting people coming into our country. But his complete incompetence at being a public servant meant that he did little more than offend half the world’s population, and made a complete fool of himself at home.

One only needs to look to the legacy of Obama to see how the same goals can be accomplished by working within a governmental system, and not alienating our country nearly as fully as our current leader. When it came to light that some refugees from Iraq may have been involved in violent acts, the administration started a process of increased vetting on people coming from Iraq. It severely slowed the flow of people coming from Iraq, but it never resulted in a complete ban.

People were still directly affected by Obama’s changes, but the changes were more focused and managed. Of course people still like to point out the issues that occurred, but overall, the changes were much better handled than the current debacle. The fact that the current administration cannot even see their own inadequacies in this area is even more troubling.

People keep talking about wanting to “drain the swamp” and bring about a fresh face to Washington. Simply filling high level positions with political neophytes is not the answer. Ideas, such as evaluating term limits for members of congress and limiting lobbying (one thing Trump actually got right this weekend!), would go a long way towards making change in our federal government. But most importantly, we need to focus on raising up new and young voices in our political arena to bring forth meaningful change. We need to foster the development of new political leaders and technocrats who have the skills and knowledge to work within a political framework. Clinton and Obama (and to some extent Bush Jr.) are examples of leaders who brought young new voices with them, and gave them a platform to try and effect change. That’s the type of leadership that our country needs.

Until then, please join me in #resisting incompetence in the highest levels of government.


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