Strength Training check-in

Earlier this year I committed to using the gym a bit more and doing some strength training. With running training, I’ve only been going to the gym three times per week, but that’s a lot more than in the past. Today was day 9, so I thought I’d do a quick check-in on where things are at.

I spend Sunday’s doing a short leg routine, and then hitting the pool. The leg exercises have gone really well, and I’ve managed to bump up my leg press weight substantially from where I started. Last Sunday I was doing 165 lb sets, and I might be able to push that even a bit higher in a week or so. My pool workout has consisted of backstroke, which is my most comfortable stroke. It’s not as fast as other methods, but it works for me to get my HR into the 130s. I’ve been averaging 400 yards per week, with a yearly goal of 20,000. I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble reaching that amount.

On Monday and Wednesday I do my arm routine. I spend more time on my arms because they don’t get as much work during my running workouts. I spend the majority of my time at a cable machine doing various curls and rows. I’ve managed to bump up my weights on all of these a bit, and I feel like they’re making progress. I finish out with some simple chest presses, which are staying mostly steady right now.

Almost every workout also consists of a mat routine where I do shoulder push-ups, planks, and supermen. I have also started incorporating the Myrtle Routine to help with hip and core strength and flexibility. The entire workout is usually right around 30 minutes, meaning I can do it before work easier than running.

I hope to eventually expand the number of days I’m doing strength training, but for now I’m happy with the balance, and hope to be able to keep it up and see even more results.


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