Legends of Tomorrow

As part of our catching up on the CW comic book series TV shows, we’re at the point of intermixing in episodes of Legends of Tomorrow. When this show first premiered I actually heard a lot of negative comments. One person in particular said it wasn’t worth watching, so I went in with very low expectations.

We’re now partway through the first season, and frankly, it’s becoming one of my favorite of the Arrowverse shows. I love the Sci-Fi/Space Opera feel to it. It feels a lot like a cross between Doctor Who and Firefly, and I think now that it’s hitting its stride, it’s really taking off. I love Rip Hunter and feel like he’s getting to play a better character than in Doctor Who. He’s lovestruck, but not in the same way as Rory. The other supporting cast are diverse, and on paper I’m not sure that they all really fit together, but the show makes it work.

I’m enjoying the action and the general storyline. I know that the entire first season is about taking down Vandal Savage, but I’m sure that season 2 will find its own groove as well. The entire experience of watching all the shows in order is fun, and some nights we’re not even sure which one we’re going to watch until I look it up on the list I found on the net. It makes it feel a bit more spontaneous than just plowing through each show on their own.

If you’ve heard negative things about Legends give it a shot on your own and form your own opinion on this one. I think it’s worth sticking it out.


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