A wet mistake

As I write this, the region is being buffeted by its first real winter storm. I started working early this morning, when the sky was still dark, yet this darkness was punctuated by flashes of lightning. When I left for breakfast it was only starting to drizzle, but soon that light rain turned into a downpour.

My son was with me for breakfast and as we rushed across the parking lot I started to press the button on my car key to get the doors unlocked. I arrived at the car and tried to open the door but nothing budged. I pressed the button again… nothing. I pressed it a third time and realized I wasn’t hearing any clicking noises.

It was at this moment, the two of us standing in the rain, that I realized that this wasn’t our car. We were in fact parked 4-5 spots away, behind another row of cars. I turned and saw our car and yelled to my son, “This is the wrong car! We’re over there!” Needless to say we were nice and wet when we finally got seated in our vehicle.

That’s the problem with having a common car model and color. If it hadn’t been raining I’m sure I would have noticed quicker that my button presses weren’t making any noise, but the sound of the rain drowned out the regular cues I was used to. Despite some wetness, it was actually a very funny memory to share with my youngest, and I’m sure we’ll get a kick out of reminiscing about it for many years.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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