Giving of service

One of the things that I’ve always enjoyed is helping out with groups that care about things that I care about. My passion for work in Information Technology has obviously waned over the years, and so I like to find ways to give time and service to things I’m more passionate about. This past weekend I had the honor of being elected to the board of directors of our regional trail running organization (Upper Midwest Trail Runners).

I am excited to have this opportunity, as I really love the trail running community around here. I’m also excited to see how I can get our organization more involved in trail running advocacy (as someone who’s spent decades in government work). Many of the parks in the area have representation from the mountain bike, or ski communities, but not many of them seem to have much input from trail runners. I think that there is a real opportunity for UMTR to be able have a seat at the table to help make sure trail running is represented.

I’m also excited to help others on the board with their ideas, and try and make trail running a great opportunity for more people. I look forward to a wonderful and productive year of giving my time in service.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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