LEGO Force Awakens

The youngest spawn and I recently picked up LEGO Force Awakens when it was on sale and have managed to play a few levels now. If you’re a fan of LEGO games this should feel very familiar to you, as the gameplay is pretty much identical to all other LEGO games. There are a few different caveats though which were different from our most recent LEGO adventure (Batman 3).

In LEGO Force Awakens you can do multi-builds. Normally when you come across a pile of bricks to build something with, they will only build one thing. In Force Awakens, there are many builds that have multiple options. Sometimes you need to build something one way in order to get a bonus item, and then break the build an put it together a different way to progress the level. This is a cool feature, but it takes some practice because sometimes if you build the progression build, you can’t go back and make a different build.

The other main difference is in the art style. I feel like the Wii U port of LEGO Force Awakens looks too much like a port of a higher quality graphics game. The images aren’t as crisp as they should be, and almost look down-sampled at times. This isn’t very apparent during gameplay, but in some of the menus. It doesn’t detract from the game at all, but it does make me a bit miffed that it doesn’t seem to have the care of other ports.

Otherwise, this game is straight up LEGO fun. We’re only a couple levels in, but everything feels like it should and it’s just like every other game I’ve been playing fro LEGO for years. I enjoy that you get a few bits of backstory that weren’t in the movie, and it makes going through the plot of a movie I’ve already seen a lot more fun. I can’t wait to get through more of the game and see how various scenes are handled.


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