Give to the Max Day

Thursday is Give to the Max day in Minnesota. It’s a day to make donations to your favorite charities, and take advantage of many different matching programs that are out there. As someone who has worked for a non-profit before, I can tell you that events like this are a big deal, and many charities get a great deal of their operating capital from this single day.

The wife and I are finally in a position to start to be able to give back more, and so in addition to some Give to the Max day contributions, we’re also looking at the charities we’re going to support on a monthly basis in 2017. We’ve narrowed the list down to a few different groups that help support and defend things that we feel strongly about, such as a free press, reproductive rights, and science and nature.

I would encourage all of you to also consider opening your pocketbooks to help give to charities that are trying to do real good in the world. In America many of us are tremendously blessed to be able to have more than we need. We should feel honored and humbled that we can share some of this with those who need our help and defense.



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