Quick Review: Independence Day Resuregence

For Halloween we decided to rent the new Independence Day and relax with a nice simple evening of alien invasion and explosions. I was a big fan of the original movie, and after mixed reviews, decided to wait for a rental of the new one. Wil Smith opt’d out of this one, and so his character was given a nod as a hero that died in a testing accident. Otherwise, it was a return of a lot of original cast members, like Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman.

The movie was a fun flick, and the special effects were a lot of fun. The plot was pretty thin, but I wouldn’t expect much more out of cheesy sci-fi flick. My biggest complaint is that the franchise moved much closer to Starship Troopers, instead of the original feeling of the scrappy planet Earth fending off superior invaders. Some of that is still there, but it’s not quite like the original.

I’ll keep this review short and say that if you want a fun rental flick it’s well worth a couple bucks. Don’t go in expecting anything groundbreaking, or a plot that will blow your mind, but the explosions are fun.


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