A few weeks ago my wife turned me on to a show that was on ABC for a couple of seasons, and now retired to Netflix, called Galavant. This is a medieval, sitcom, musical with composers right out of Disney. It’s an irreverent and hilarious show, with really great songs. In fact, the music has been so memorable, it’s been on heavy rotation in my car as I’m driving.

There are two seasons of the show, and the music from the second takes a slight step up from the first, but not by much. One of my favorite songs is from the first season entitled “Maybe you’re not the worst thing ever”. It’s filled with great lines like:

You’re utterly disgusting, I loathe your manly stink.
I see your mouth start moving and god I need a drink.
And then from out of nowhere I’ll look at you and think…
Maybe you’re not the worst thing ever

This is all sung in a beautiful back and forth ballad melody between pairs of men and women who don’t quite get along as they should.

Needless to say, I really like this show, and can’t recommend it enough. It’s also quite short, only 8 episodes in the first season and 10 in the second, each only 22 minutes long. Add it to your Netflix queue and enjoy something nice and funny during this dark election season.


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