Lightning ports

As much as I love Apple, there are a few things that bug me sometimes. One of them in particular, lately, is the lightning port. We’ve had our iPhones for almost 3 years, and one part that is starting to cause an issue on all of our devices is charging off the lightning port. It seems like the lightning port just doesn’t have the same durability of other USB style ports.

Often times it’s just the cable that’s gone bad, and you can visibly see where the copper connector has worn down. However, lately, it’s been harder and harder to get even brand new cables to work properly. I’ll be trying the toothpick/pin method soon to see if that can prolong things, but I’m betting that in the near future, new charging port replacements might be needed.

When the lightning port came out, I loved it, since you could insert the cord in any direction, and it was small and compact. Kudos for Apple for making something that really changed the industry, but perhaps it’s time for the next evolution of the port, maybe along the lines of USB-C.


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