Hair or not to hair

Since 2000 I’ve been mostly shaven on my head (head hair, not facial hair). At times I’ve simply let it grow a little bit and used a trimmer to keep it short, however, a majority of the time I’ve used a razor to get a clean shaven look on my dome. The reason is that I have a receding hair line, and when my hair first starts to grow it just doesn’t look that good at all. Perhaps if I let it grow out long again it would work, but that takes patience, and getting used to having hair again.

On the other hand, shaving the dome multiple times per week is time consuming, but it’s also sometimes painful. Just a couple weeks ago I nicked the back of my scalp and took off a nice hunk of skin in the process. Since then I’ve been going a full week between shaves to save my head from further pain and irritation. Now every weekend I end up looking at my head and start asking myself, “Is this the week when I start growing my hair out again and give up on the bald look?”

Once of these weeks it just might happen.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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