Aborted car camping

The wife and I left on Friday afternoon to Mille Lacs Kathio State Park to do some car camping. We fought traffic out of town with the rest of the folks heading north, but were at our campsite by 7pm. I worked on getting the tent set up while Lisa put together a fire, and set up out canopy. Within a short while we were happily doused in bug spray and citronella candles, enjoying a pleasant evening reading and enjoying beverages.

Our plan for the weekend had been to get up on Saturday and go for a long hike/run and then maybe partake in some canoeing. The weather forecast had changed quite a bit over the preceding days, and mid-day Friday it was predicting only a small chance of rain during the daytime hours. We would then pack up on Sunday morning and hit a bike trail to get in some two-wheeled exercise. IMG_4945.JPG

By 9pm it was getting dark, and we decided to hit the sack. I tried to pick a campsite further away from the electric sites, but as we lay in bed we could still hear kids playing until 10pm or so. I managed to doze off but my dreams caused my sleep to be fitful. I was dreaming that we were camping, but that there was a rock concert going on in the park and it was keeping me awake. When my body finally work myself up around 11pm I realized that my dream was influenced by reality. One of the nearby cabins (we couldn’t tell which one through the woods) had a bunch of adults who were drinking and talking loudly, to the point where we could hear them in our tent on the other side of the area.

They kept talking and talking, except when the ranger truck drove through the area, at which point they quieted down a little bit. They didn’t stop their chattering until 12:45am. At this point we were both pretty crabby and tired and just wanted to sleep. We managed to get a handful of hours of sleep before the sound of a soft rain started hitting the tent. It was actually quite peaceful, but I know I still didn’t fall as deeply asleep as I wanted to. By 6:30am the sun had started to make its rise in the sky, and my body woke up naturally.

I reached over and grabbed my tablet, which still had LTE signal, to look up the latest weather forecast. The radar had changed, and the day’s weather appeared to be a washout. To make matters worse, Sunday was looking like a complete loss, as there were predictions of thunderstorms all morning. After talking for a while we decided to pack it in and come home. If we had managed to get some better sleep, we might have stuck around for a while and just sat under the canopy, but being super tired and wet didn’t sound like much fun when we would be stuck inside the tent or canopy all day, instead of doing things in the park.

In the end we still had a really great time on Friday evening, and we’ve learned a lot about what we need to prepare. In fact we even have some totes still packed and ready for the next trip, all we need to do is grab them. Now it’s time for a quiet day around town. We have some relatives that are in-town that we’ll probably go visit, and REI’s Labor Day sale started this weekend. Depending on weather, we might try and head south on Sunday to still get in a bike ride on a trail.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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