Packing craziness

This weekend is a car camping trip with the wife (Editor’s note: We came back early, but that’s tomorrow’s blog). It’s the first time we’ve done something like this, so there’s always tons of gear that we realize we need to get or replace. In fact our Thursday evening this past week ended up being a frantic scramble to figure everything out. This included visiting multiple Target stores to try and get a single cooking burner with butane canisters, only to find that some stores had the burner, but not butane and vice versa.

I assume that if we do this more often we’ll have everything gathered up much easier, and cheaper. One of the more unique aspects of camping for us is the fact that we don’t cook at home a ton, so trying to figure out everything we need to bring to cook in the woods is something that other people probably have an easier time with. We managed to put together enough meals, and I’m sure we’ll eat well on the trip, including some yummy snacks.

One other unique aspects of many of our trips is that we also have to bring running gear. This time we’re also bringing our bikes with, so that adds another dynamic to the entire endeavor. By the time this blog posts we should be just about packed up on Sunday morning, and on our way to the bike path. If I don’t post something on Monday send out the search parties! 🙂


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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