Treat yo self

Today the wife and I got up somewhat early to hit the trails. She ran a few miles while I did some biking. After a quick shower and change of clothes we headed out to IKEA to do some browsing and planning for changes to the house. Since we’re probably going to live in our current place for around 4 more years, we want to make it as comfortable as we can while we’re there.

To that end we started planning some changes to the office to get my wife more space to spread out. This involves permanently closing one of the doors to the office that joins to the kitchen. This isn’t a big deal, but will take some getting used to as we can’t just shout from the office to the kitchen anymore. Later this week I’ll pick up the desk she picked out, now that we’ve determined that it will fit where we’re planning.

We also moved around a bunch of furniture to create a more private office space in our bedroom for times when we need to just get away from everybody and get some work done. I can see myself using this space a lot when working from home. It also allows us to have another comfy chair out in the main living area.

After IKEA we headed to Mall of America to browse around a bit, and then decided to hit REI since I was overdue for some new sandals. Of course hitting a place like REI while they’re having their 4th of July clearance sale means that you’re going to walk out with more than just sandals. My wife found some running clothes on clearance and we also grabbed a new running bladder to use. This is in addition to the nice Chaco sandals I picked up for myself.

As we were leaving my wife said it felt like a Treat Yo Self day (from Parks and Rec), and I wholeheartedly agree. Some days you need to just get yourself some nice stuff that you know you’re going to use, and treat yourself to some pampering.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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