Weird electrical issue

Got a call from my wife that half of the outlets in the house suddenly stopped working. Half of the lights and devices also failed. I called my electrician and headed home from work early to see what was up. He had me pull of the circuit breaker panel to test to see if I was getting power in from both sides of the box. This required re-learning how to use my multimeter, which took a bit of figuring.

Because of the damage that can occur to 220 devices, my electrician had my wife turn off the main power right away. When I got home I turned off my furnace and then turned the power back on. I started testing and after a few moments of fiddling with the meter I was getting readings. All of a sudden everything decided it was working again. I checked out both sides of the panel, and everything seemed to be live.

So it looks like it was most likely a power company issue, but I’m going to keep an eye on it for the next few days. Hopefully, it was a simple glitch and not an expensive panel replacement.


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