A Minnesota Music Icon

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life – Prince

Thursday was a day of sadness in the world. The musician Prince passed away suddenly at the age of 57. As someone who grew up in the 80’s, and grew up in Minnesota, this news was really tough. Prince’s influence on both this State and the music world are indescribable. He was truly an amazing ‘quiet giant’ who didn’t need to make his mark with outrageous antics (though he certainly had a unique style). His amazing musical talent spoke for itself, giving a voice to a generation, and to a place.

Prince was another one of those sounds of my childhood that I will never forget. Raspberry Beret, 1999, Purple Rain, Let’s Go Crazy… all songs that I knew by heart growing up. Prince was much more than just pop hits though. His influence on the Minnesota music scene was powerful. I remember when I was in college and in a band, meeting tons of people who were somehow connected to him and Paisley Park. He made the Minnesota music scene what it was, and then put in on film in Purple Rain. We loved to claim Prince as our own in the Twin Cities, and he respected that love with what he gave back to the music scene here.

Prince is another one of those people I will remember where I was when I heard the news. Sitting at my desk at work, and just happening to check my Twitter feed to see that something was going down in Chanhassen. Yet another one of the people of my youth has passed. That’s the hard part with growing older; having to say goodbye to so many amazing people.



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