Biking in the rain

Wednesday night was another Beer and Bikes night, and because it’s April, it decided to rain on the way home. I’ve commented in the past how much I enjoy running in a nice rain, but biking is a bit of a different beast. However, each of the three annoyances I’m going to list have solutions. I simply haven’t implemented them.

First annoyance: water up the backside. When it’s wet outside you end up with dirt and water up your back, and when I got home I even had dirt up towards the top of my head. This is a simple problem that could be solved with fenders, but alas, I’m too cheap to get them on my bike and so I end up walking in the door from my garage trying to carefully remove my things from my jersey pockets.

The second annoyance is a wet seat. This could be solved by taking the bike seat inside with me when I park the bike, but frankly, this is way more work than I want to deal with. It does get a little annoying when my bike-shorts-padded-butt gets soaked while sitting on the seat, but it’s probably the least of my annoyances.

The final annoyance is my feet. I don’t have toe clips or cages on my pedals, so trying to keep my feet from sliding off the pedals is a challenge. This is one of those fixes that I go back and forth on. I know I don’t want to get toe clips as I don’t want to invest in special biking shoes. At the same time I’m not sure about toe cages, since I don’t like having to flip the pedals around when I start from a stop. I know it would give me more power on my up stroke, but in this case I wonder if the bother is worth the benefit.

Apart from these annoyances, it is nice to have moisture from the sky that isn’t snow. It was a lovely evening for a ride in the rain, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to hang out with good friends and get some exercise at the same time.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

One thought on “Biking in the rain

  1. If I ever start commuting by bike, I’d get fenders — but on our Wednesday rides it doesn’t annoy me as much. A cage might be nice, though, to prevent slippage.

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