The hardest thing

As this blog is publishing, I will be in the middle of one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. Starting at 12:01am Saturday morning I will be running the Zumbro 50 mile trail race. Last year I conquered the 50K distance, so this year it was time to step it up to 50 miles.

I chose Zumbro because it is a looped course with tons of aid available. That means you don’t need to carry as much stuff with you on the course, and you get to see friendly faces a lot more often. It’s also a really fun environment, as most of the trail running community around here is in attendance, either running or volunteering. I even have friends from out of town coming in for the race. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone.

My primary goal for the race is to simply finish. I’m feeling confident that as long as I’m not injured, I should be able to cross the line. I’d love it if I took just over 13 hours, but I’m going to be realistic and say that 14-16 is probably more likely. This is, after all, the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted to run. Hopefully, my next blog entry will be a pic celebrating my completion!



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