Quick Review: Man of Steel

Tomorrow we’re going to take the plunge and see Batman v Superman. In preparation for that we rented Man of Steel tonight. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect, but I had heard that Man of Steel wasn’t that bad. So we rented it and the family spent our Friday evening seeing yet another origin story about Superman.

I found myself really enjoying this incarnation of Superman. The time spent on Krypton was very cool, and gave a peek into a place that is crucial to Superman’s development, but isn’t really a part of his story going forward. The CGI world that they created was engaging, and hinted at a much larger universe beyond the Superman of Earth.

Seeing the development of Superman as a human was also really well done in this retelling. The fear that his father had for how his powers would be perceived was tangible and made you really think to yourself how you would think of a super powered being from space. I can’t say I enjoyed how his father chose to leave, but I can see how that influenced Clark’s development.

The action scenes were well done, and the battles were truly epic. Knowing that the start of Superman v Batman revolves around the tremendous destruction that was wreaked in this movie made watching it in Man of Steel even more poignant. Seeing how many people would have probably been killed, as two seemingly godlike like people battled it out, puts a different spin on comic book heroics.

Overall, I really liked this movie. It’s probably the best telling of Superman’s story I’ve ever seen on film. It makes me hopeful for the development of the DC universe, but I’m nervous about how bad the reviews have been for the next installment. For now though, I’m going to enjoy having just watched a fun superhero movie.



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