Some days the run feels good

When you’re training for a goal you can very easily get burned out on the journey. When a big race is looming in the future, the training runs as you get closer and closer can seem like burdens that you need to bear, and less like an enjoyable run in the park.

Saturday was just the opposite however. I met up with a group of folks and we headed out to run together, but also to explore some trails that most of us has never seen before. This little detour resulted in a big boost in our mileage, but I didn’t even notice it. As we approached the regular trail again I looked at my watch and realized we had already hit 9 miles, meaning this detour had added on a wonderful 7 mile segment, without feeling overwhelming.

Having people to run with, and occasionally talk with helps a lot too. I was even able to make some travel plans for future races with a comrade while we circled the park. By the time I completed my run, it felt great, and I hadn’t even noticed how much time had passed. I love runs like that, and am very thankful that Saturday got to be one of them.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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