Vegas 2016 – Day 3

After a tough day of running on Saturday, my wife and I wanted something easier for our recovery runs on Sunday. We knew there was a paved path that paralleled the Las Vegas wash, and ran very close to where we are staying. We also knew that we didn’t want to deal with the same type of heat that we dealt with yesterday, so we were out the door by 6:45 am and on our way.

IMG_4220Because I was pretty beat up from the trail, and the recovery from heat exhaustion, I kept it very, very slow this morning. I needed at least 10 miles today, to make up for missing a run last week. We had decided to do an out-and-back to keep it simple, and my pace was about 2 minutes per mile slower than my usual pace. I’m pleased to report that everything went very smoothly, and in a couple of hours we were back in our room feeling good and ready for the day.

Once we were cleaned up we met up with some additional family and had a wonderful pontoon ride on Lake Las Vegas. The weather was beautiful today, and riding in a shaded pontoon was amazing. Compared to Minnesota lakes, Lake Las Vegas is only moderately sized, meaning we circled very slowly around the entire lake in about an hour. Even places like Lake Harriet in Minneapolis are bigger. But, when you’re in a state where lakes (and water in general) are a rare commodity, a place like Lake Las Vegas is quite the oasis from the desert.

IMG_4224After the boat ride we all went for some lunch, and I got to have a very nice and large black-n-blue burger. After lunch we bid farewell to the extended family, and my wife and I headed out on our own to hit a local taproom, Bad Beat Brewing. Once there, I ordered up a flight of their in-house beers and got to sampling. Overall, their beers were adequate, however nothing terribly special. Their Amber was quite good, as well as their Hefe, but their IPA was very, very dank, and their German Pilsner was completely sulfuric and undrinkable. I then grabbed an 8 oz pour of one of their guest beers, a Gose from Sierra Nevada, which was delightful.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot we noticed another taproom across the street that has just opened up. I would have loved to have stopped there as well, but I was already feeling a bit full of beer, and decided we’d save that for another trip. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and preparing to head to the airport for a midnight flight back home.

Overall, this was a really nice trip. We got some running in, including a race, drank some good beer, had lots of great food, and spent a lot of time with family. Even though I had a rough Saturday afternoon with the heat exhaustion, I can’t really complain, since the rest of this trip was nice and relaxing. Pulling into the Twin Cities at 6 am on a Monday morning will be tough, so I’m thankful I preemptively took the day off of work. Tuesday will come soon enough, and then it’s back into the swing of day-to-day life.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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