Sixty six cents

Today I arrived home from work, checked the mail, and found an envelope from a financial company I have done business with in the past. I opened the letter to discover that they had sent me a refund check for some overpayment of some kind. I then scrolled my eyes down the page to find the check attached to the bottom. This check was a grand total of…. $0.66

It probably cost more to print the check and mail it to me than $0.66, so I decided to check out what I could actually do with $0.66. Google to the rescue. I typed in “What can you buy for .66” and scanned the results of how to spend my new found riches.

  • Apparently I could get some 40-count Ziplock bags at Target back in September, on sale for $0.66
  • Garrett Popcorn, a Chicago popcorn chain, was selling bags of their famous Garrett Mix for $0.66 back in September.
  • The US Post Office used to sell $0.66 stamps for use on wedding invitations (they’re a bit thicker and heavier than regular letters). The new price is $0.70 though.
  • Finally, the most interesting was an article about what two Peruvian soles ($0.66) can buy you when visiting Peru. The list included a haircut, a bag of coca leaves, or three artichokes.

Frankly, Peru sounds like the place to take my $0.66. Too bad it costs over $600 to fly there.

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