Revisiting Sportball

For many years I was a consistent fan of the Minnesota Vikings. On Sunday afternoons you would almost always find me watching the game, and Superbowl time was always a big party at an ex-family member’s house.

I don’t recall exactly when I stopped watching, but it’s been a few years now. I just lost track of the team and the game and would only catch a game once in a great while. I still would watch the Superbowl at home most years, but other than that I almost never saw a game for many years.

My sports interests have gravitated towards games where the action is more consistent, like soccer and hockey. As many of my friends know, I’m a Minnesota United FC fan and love how there are no TV time-outs in soccer. Plus, all of the controversy around injuries and concussions in football have dampened many people’s enthusiasm for the game.

Last night the Vikings played the Packers to determine home field advantage in the first game in the playoffs, and since I didn’t have anything better to do, my wife and I turned on the game. It was a really fun game to watch, as there were amazing plays on both sides of the ball. The outcome seemed assured before half-time with the Vikings going up in a big lead, yet the Packers managed to bring the game back around to one final Hail Mary pass in the final seconds that could have tied everything up.

Don’t know that I’ll return to watching football regularly again, but it was fun to revisit the sport again last night, and see a great game unfold.

3 thoughts on “Revisiting Sportball

    1. Jamison

      It’s what people who aren’t into football sometimes jokingly call it. Since they often realize the silliness of calling it ‘foot’ ball

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