2015 Year in Review

It’s time once again for my annual year in review (and my final entry in my Create-a-thon 2015!). Even before I was blogging everyday I still put up post at the end of the year to talk about what happened that year and what I’m looking forward to in the new year.

IMG_3768If I were to characterize 2015 in a couple of words it would be ‘transition’ and ‘patience’. In the area of transitions we had quite a few things going on. The year started with my step-son heading back to school, embarking on a new career choice. My wife continued to work at her job until mid-way through the year when she transitioned to something different while she finishes out her education. I also transitioned to a new job midway through the year, as well as acquired a different car. My running also transitioned from road running to more trail running.

On the patience side of the coin, I’ve needed to learn to wait as my step-son and wife both finish out their education early next year, and transition into new careers. I have to wait as my own kids move through their schooling and start to decide what they want to do in their adult lives. Much of the things that my wife and I talk about are plans for when these transition happens in the future, but for now it’s a lesson in patience.

IMG_3228The year 2015 also saw my wife and I traveling a fair amount, even if it was just short weekend trips. We visited my wife’s family in Nevada in the early part of the year. We also took a trip to Omaha to visit some extended family later in the summer. Much of our other travel revolved around running, and traveling to local races. I believe we only slept in our own beds 4 weekends throughout September and October, as our fall running calendar filled up rapidly.

IMG_3549All of my travel allowed me to visit and sample a lot more breweries, and my beer exploration badges on Untappd are higher than they ever have been before. Additionally, we got to visit many of the local breweries that have popped up in the Twin Cities area, giving us tons of options on nights we want to venture out for some time out of the house.

2015 also allowed us much time to spend with family and friends, both old and new. Running played a huge part in meeting lots of new people, and one of my oldest friends was 12096086_10153766629880362_8545574795820529144_noften a partner in crime for our early morning weekend runs, as he builds up his running stamina. Getting to spend time with family, both in-town and out-of-town, was a blessing in the year as well. Many of our friends and family are tabletop gamers, and we’ve gotten to experience a TON of new games this year.

IMG_3687Today is New Year’s Eve, and I decided to take the day off of work for no reason other than I wanted a day off. My new job has been more stressful than I had planned, but things are finally getting organized in a way that I want them to be. My plan for the day is to relax and enjoy the final day of 2015. Maybe we’ll watch a few movies, or play a few games, tonight to ring in the New Year and welcome in another 365 day journey that is going to be full of new adventures and new changes to write about in 2016.

Happy New Year everyone!

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