Running Analysis

Yesterday my wife and I had the unique opportunity to have a running analysis done by Joe Uhan from He was in town and was at one of the local running stores doing free analyses for a couple of hours. A friend of ours joined us and all three of us had Joe take a look at how we were running and give suggestions about how we could improve.

One of the things I liked about the analysis was that Joe used his phone to video me running in a couple different positions, and then we reviewed the video with him asking me questions and pointing out things visually. He then had me make a couple corrections, and video’d me again to show the difference.

The main thing that he wants me to work on is using my toes to push off with. Splaying my toes and really putting power into my push off. Not only does this help me be more power efficient but it has the added benefit of correcting my “riding in the back” stance. One of the other things that the video showed is that I stand up too tall and don’t lean forward enough when running. This means that I’m over-striding, not because of my leg reach, but because of body position. By pushing off with my toes more, it forces my upper body forward, correct that position to be more correct.

It was really cool to get an outside opinion on my running form, and it will be hard work trying to put it into practice over the next few months. At least when I’m able to, right now everything is completely snow covered, and any running form is bad as you’re just trying to stay upright.

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