Yoshi’s Wolly World

Last night I picked up a new game to play on the Wii U, Yoshi’s Wolly World. It took a while to download, but my son and I got to play a bit before bed, and had a great time.

If you’re familiar with other Yoshi games, then this game will be instantly familiar. You have your typical set of Yoshis that you can use to grab enemies with your tongue and then turn into eggs that you can throw at other obstacles. However, in this version of Yoshi, everything is made out of yarn and fabric. The “eggs” you hurl are actually tightly wound yarn balls. The landscape is made up of stings to pull, fabric to push around, buttons and other crafty type materials. If you’ve ever played Kirby’s Epic Yarn, this entire setting will be instantly familiar.

The hub world, where you can switch between levels, is a 3D layout, similar to Super Mario 3D World, however, the actual levels are traditional side-scrollers. You can play the game with one or two people, with each player controlling a differently colored Yoshi. One of the funnier parts is that you can actually eat your friend, turn them into a yarn ball, and throw them if you need a yarn ball and none are around.

The game is chock full of collectibles that will make completionists happy. In every level there are flowers, stickers, and skeins of yarn to collect. If you get all 5 yarn skeins you unlock a new Yoshi that you can use in the levels. Each one has a unique coloring and pattern to it, based on the colors of the skeins you picked up in the level.

Despite not having a lot of time to play last night, I know this game will bring many hours of enjoyment. It’s got enough of the traditional Yoshi dynamic, but mixes in a wonderful new art form, with creative level design. Additionally, the two player aspect allows you to have fun with a friend or family member and experience the world together.


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