Vacation planning

One aspect of adult life that I really enjoy is vacation planning. I know a lot of people don’t find it their cup of tea, but I enjoy the process of selecting a destination and then discovering what can be done there. This past week we started putting together some of our plans for 2016, and I’m excited about some of the things we’ll get to do and see.

One of the things I’ve had fun with when traveling is going to a local sporting event. A few years ago when the boys and I went to Chicago, we hit a Cubs game and it was a really, really fun time. Wrigley Field is an amazing place to watch baseball, and thanks to the trains we didn’t even need to drive or park near downtown. I’ve started looking at some events near where we’re going to be next year, and there’s some exciting possibilities for some very unique events. Not going to spill the beans yet, but I’m excited.

We also like to run when we’re traveling, and so I’m also looking at races near where we’re going to be. We’ve got a couple trips lined up already that will revolve almost completely  around running. For other places we’ll probably try and find a good trail to do a run on, or find a local race that looks unique and fun.

I’m excited for 2016, and some of the upcoming adventures.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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