So much for a break

Recently I said I was going to take a two week break from running to give my body time to heal up from the season. However, Minnesota decided that now was not the time to take a break. We’re currently in the midst of a warm spell, and most days the temps are in the 40s. The idea of NOT running when it’s this nice out is a foolish though.

This morning my wife and I went out and hit up a 10 mile run. I decided to explore a bit, and found an unpaved path that paralleled the main paved trail. It took me into some different areas of the route, and made for a nice change of pace.

My speed was pretty mediocre, and my quads were quite sore, but I was happy I got out there today. Overall, the run felt good, and body didn’t feel too beat up. We’ll see if I run this week, or take a break until the race on Saturday…


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