Guide 9’s

Today was new shoe day for me! I tend to keep a few different brands of shoes around to keep things fresh, and one of those pairs was the Saucony Guide 7 shoe. This shoe was a great workhorse for me, with over 300 miles on it, and still performing adequately. I had considered picking up some new ones on clearance over the Fall when I was at various marathon expo’s but decided that I would wait until the Guide 9’s came out (skipping over the 8’s which were mostly identical to the 7’s).

Today was that day, and a local running store was having a bit of a celebration to commemorate the release of some of these new Saucony versions. We stopped by, not totally intending to make a purchase, but wanting to talk to the rep and try some on to see how they compared.

As the store salesperson fetched the shoes in my size (with a version of the 8’s to compare to) I talked to the rep and got to learn more about what they’re doing different in this model. In particular I was intrigued by the Everun technology, which is a special layer of foam that gives back a lot of energy, and is resistant to changing its shape over time. That means that over the course of a run (and the life of the shoe), the cushioning layer will ‘supposedly’ not compress and lose its elasticity like traditional materials. Granted time will tell, but from the bit of running that I did I felt a lot more cushioning and energy return than in most other shoes I’ve tried.

In addition, the upper was redesigned, and the overall weight of the shoe was reduced. Overall, they felt a lot like the New Balance 870v4’s that I purchased a couple months ago. So, I decided to give them a try, and hopefully this week I’ll be able to get in a solid 4-6 miles to really see what they feel like. I’m excited by all the new shoe technology out there and how it can help keep people running comfortable and running longer.


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