Running blind

Sometimes when I go running I decide to commit to not looking at my watch through out the run. Obviously, I can only do this on a familiar route, so that I know where to turn and what my final distance will be. This morning I set out on my traditional 6 mile route, started my watch (glanced briefly to make sure it was running), and then ran based on my body feel.

I like doing a no-watch run every now and then as a way to let my body run solely based on how it feels. Usually it means that my pace times will be higher than normal, as most mornings my body is telling me to stop running because it’s tired. Today was no exception. My pace times were pretty slow for a 6 miler, but time wasn’t the point. It was about just running and enjoying a beautiful morning.

Towards the end of a no-watch run it actually gets really hard not to look at the watch and peek at where I’m at. Even though I know this 6 mile route like the back of my hand, and my watch had beeped the mile markers at all the right places, it’s still hard to suppress the urge to look at the watch for encouragement that “you’re almost done”. I managed to stave off the temptation today and didn’t even see what my time was until I walked up to my front door after the final and sixth beep.

One humorous moment however was around mile 4 when my body started telling me something. It had to pee. Suddenly, I found my pace picking up, and I managed to knock out two pretty solid miles at the end of the run so that I could get to my bathroom!

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