Great trail run today

Just got back a couple hours ago, and am relaxing from a great trail run. I headed up to Elm Creek Park this morning to meet up with 3 other folks and do a couple loops of the horse trail. The first loop I tucked in behind a couple people and we just started clicking off the miles. Before I knew it we were halfway done and I felt great. We finished the first 7.4 mile loop in around 80 minutes, which I believe is the fastest I’ve ever been able to manage on that course.

One of the other guys and I decided to head out for a second loop, but we agreed to ease this one down a bit, and walk the hills. I also diverged onto the paved path for the last mile or so in an attempt to dry my shoes off from all the dew in the grass that is getting taller. I managed to finish 14.5 miles in 2:42, an 11:09/mile pace, and to top is off I felt good at the end.

It’s good to finally feel all the hard work I’ve been putting in pay off with direct benefits. Today reminded me that I can do this and that it just takes time to get my body back into shape to perform the way that I want. Next week is the Spring Superior 25k race, which is 15 miles on very rugged and tough terrain. I’m feeling a lot more hopeful that my desired 4 hour finish time may happen. I’m certainly not going to cry about it if it doesn’t, as Moose Mountain is an unforgiving #@&*!, and I’ll just be happy to finish. But today showed me what I’m capable of and for that I’m happy.

Now it’s time for relaxing, and tonight a great soccer game.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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