Layering in winter

Living in a cold weather area you need to be prepared for different weather conditions if you want to be outside and active. It’s not an option for me to forgo being outside for 4 months out of the year, especially since I despise things like treadmills. That’s OK though because I’ve found that being […]

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iPhone 7 waterproofing and winter running

One of the side benefits when I got my iPhone 7 is the more ruggedized nature of the construction. In particular the waterproofing has proven to be really useful for me. Not because I want to take my iPhone into a pool, but for something I didn’t quite expect until it happened. I run a […]

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Snowy Running

Last night Minnesota decided to turn back to winter and we got 3-4 inches of light fluffy powder. Since today is Saturday and I needed to run, my only choice was to strap on the screw shoes and hit the trail. The temps were beautiful this morning, around 28-30 degrees (F), which made for amazing […]

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