iPhone 7 waterproofing and winter running

One of the side benefits when I got my iPhone 7 is the more ruggedized nature of the construction. In particular the waterproofing has proven to be really useful for me. Not because I want to take my iPhone into a pool, but for something I didn’t quite expect until it happened.

I run a lot in the winter time, and often I simply stick my phone into a coat pocket. In the past I’ve always put the phone into a plastic baggie to protect it from condensation. However, with the iPhone 7 I’ve been able to completely forgo a bag, and just let the moisture collect on the outside of the device. This morning, when I went for a run in -19 degree F temps I discovered actual ice forming on the outside of my phone when I returned.

I still wanted to snap a picture or two before heading in, and the phone worked just like normal, with no degraded battery, or any issue with the moisture freezing on its surface. I brought the phone inside and quickly grabbed my tablet to take a picture of the frozen phone. Within a few minutes the moisture had dissipated and the phone was as dry as when I started.

Having a more ruggedized phone in winter is proving to be a huge benefit. If you’re a fan of winter running, I would suggest looking into something like the iPhone 7, or other Android phones that are waterproof, to keep you working no matter the cold.



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