The first snow of 2020

Sure enough, 2020 is being itself again. We’re getting record setting snow on October 20th here in Minnesota. It’s amazing and wild to see 6 inches of wet fluffy flakes while there are still some leaves on the trees. In fact, it was that dichotomy that got me to grab my camera and take some shots this afternoon. Managed to get some beautiful shots of the leaves, and then the birds digging through the feeder.


Smugmug Gallery

A quick blog check-in

One may think that because of the pandemic and working from home full time, that you end up with all kinds of extra time to tackle all those big projects you’ve been planning. However, in reality, I’m still working, just as much as I did before. I have a little more time from not commuting, but I’ve already eaten up most of that time with daily runs and bike rides (today is 40 days in a row of biking).

I haven’t forgotten about being more active on the blog, I’ve just been distracted with other things. Namely, some new toys that I’ve gotten to play with. I’ve got a slew of product reviews that I need to work on, I just need to sit down and spend the time to bang them out. I recently upgraded my computer, got new running shoes, and have been playing with a bunch of new software. All of which I need to tell you about. It’s coming soon, I promise.

I did was to take a moment though to check in and write something, so that I can share that I hope you are all well, and able to live your best life, despite the circumstances. It’s hard to believe that it has already been two months since everything went crazy. It seems like forever ago, but at the same time, it feels like this is simply how life goes now.

The picture attached to the top of this blog is of a female cardinal who molted her head feathers recently. Right now she looks like a Skeksis from the Dark Crystal. It’s bizarre and frightening to see a bird like that at our feeder. You want to call the wildlife rescue because she looks like she’s seen some serious shit. But just give it a couple weeks. She’ll be back to her old self before you know it, with a whole new set of coverings. That’s where we’re at right now.

We’re frightening bald birds, just waiting till we get our plumage back.

Make sure you do what you can to show kindness and respect to others. We’ll get through this and it’ll all be OK on the other side.


Down in Vegas there are lots of hummingbirds. Where we were staying had a hummingbird feeder right outside the patio. This afforded me the ability to get some great shots of one of the visitors. He battled another bird for control of the feeder, because apparently they don’t like to share.

I’m posting the entire series of shots, as it’s hard to nail a perfect one when the wings are moving so fast. Enjoy!


Dreary rainy day

I had Friday off of work to get some work done on some personal projects. It’s a rainy and dreary day which means that there’s not much incentive to spend much time outside. The November chill, combined with a constant mist, emphasizes that we’re not going to be getting any warmer. In some ways I wish it would just snow so that we could enjoy that.

Since I’m at home I filled up the bird feeder again and got to watch a bunch of birds fattening themselves to stay warm. I got a great shot of one of them, with a beak full of millet, that I really like and wanted to share here.


Mississippi Valley Wildlife Refuge

Because this week is the week of the Superior Fall Trail Race, you’re going to be seeing a bunch of photos posts. One of the first ones is from when we took the boys out for some fresh air this past weekend.  We opted to check out the Mississippi Valley Wildlife Refuge. While there I got a couple shots of some turkeys and some other small birds. We didn’t stay for long, but I would love to get down there on a more overcast day and hike a bunch of the trails to see what I can find.