Lake Bemidji State Park Bog Walk

Last month when we were up in Bemidji, MN we stopped by the Bog Walk at Lake Bemidji State Park. My wife loves bogs and the flowers that grow there, and as a photographer I always like the opportunity to shoot something new.

The bog walk at Lake Bemidji State Park is only a half a mile long, but it does require a bit longer walk from the parking area to get to it. Uniquely, Lake Bemidji State Park allows bikes on most of its off-road paths so if you have your bike with you the journey only takes a few minutes. You do need to park your bike at the beginning of the bog walk itself, but they provide a nice bike rack to do so.

Although the walk is short it does have a lot of great flowers that were in bloom while we were there. I got some shots of some of them, but was battling harsh sunlight the whole time so this wasn’t quite as productive as I hoped. You can check out the full gallery over on SmugMug!


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