Blog going silent for a few weeks

The month of September is always crazy busy for me, and this year even more so. In addition to volunteering at the Superior 100 race we also put on our own race, the Fire Tower Trail Races just this past weekend. Both of which took huge amounts of energy and mental stamina.

Now to top it all off my friend Mike and I are heading out for a 2.5 week through-hike of the Superior Hiking Trail. The plan is to cover the 300 mile distance in 15 days, averaging 20 miles per day. We think we’re positioned well to get this done in this timeframe, but only time will tell what our bodies and minds allow. I’ve never attempted anything of this nature, so this will be a challenge unlike anything in my experience.

That also means that the blog will be silent for a while long until we get back and I can process everything and share how the trip went. Hopefully that will involve reporting a successful hike, but either way, it should be interesting.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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