The end of the GravelKings….

In my first impressions post I talked about the weird issues of the Panaracer GravelKing SK+ tires and concrete with grooves in it. In the past week I’ve encountered this situation two more times and each time it was unsettling and frustrating. I finally had enough. These tires just aren’t for me, and have been nothing but annoying. So off they come to be sold to someone who has a better use for them.

On the up-side I had a GOOD tubeless experience putting my old tires back on. Previously I had some Teravail Rutland 700×42’s and had put about 1500 miles on them. They’re still in pretty good shape so I put them on my rims and powered up the air compressor to see if they’d seat. Sure enough within seconds I got the satisfying series of pops and they were on. I put in some sealant spun them a bunch and took them out around the block. All seems to be good right now, but I assume I’ll still have a couple days of 1-2psi loss until every crevice gets sealed. The entire process took less than 30 minutes and is what changing a tire is supposed to be like.

I’m sad that the GK’s didn’t work for me, as I do enjoy their fun colors. Hopefully some other manufactures will start taking a cue and think about making tires that brighter and more colorful. For now though, I’m just glad to be back on something I know and trust.


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